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Usefull Information and contact details of Local Services in Lanzarote

Below are some tips and information about the many services available while on your visit to this wonderfull island.

Medical Insurance

If you do not travel with a pre paid Medical Insurance certificate then please ensure that you bring your E111. The E111 form was replaced in January 2006 by the European Health Insurance Card. (EHIC). This card entitles Irish Citizens to the same level of health treatment when travelling within the EU as they would expect to receive in IRL.
To obtain an EHIC go to the HSE website as the card must be shown if you require medical treatment.

Medical Insurance for Residents & Long Stay Visitors

With more than 1000 Irish resident utilizing the services of I.C.Broker in Arrecife we have no trouble recommending Veronica Aldridge as the number one contact in Lanzarote. Veronica has years of experience and will find you the best deal available for Car, House, Medical or Life Insurance. Call Veronica on 676 217 329

Medical Doctors in Puerto del Carmen

Telephone 928 514 274
The English Surgery of Lanzarote comes highly recommended. The English Surgery has provided medical assistance on Lanzarote for Tourists since 1991.
24 hour medical service
FREEPHONE 900 811 555 for Ambulance / Advice / Hotel Visits

    English Speaking Doctors & Staff
    Ambulance Service for hospital emergencies
    Freephone telephone number within Spain Drop in Surgery
    Easy Liaison with your GP
    Professional treatment
    Experience with the H.S.E
    Located opposite San Antonio Hotel and opposite McDonalds

Emergency Services

Police Fire Ambulance 112


Pharmacies / Chemists are easily spotted as most have large green cross flashing signs outside. There is always a duty pharmacy open 24 / 7. Tel 900 811 555 (Emergency number).

Sunburnt?Aloe Vera 100% or ask your chemist for Flamazine Cream. (Approx €4)

The Lanzarote sun is dangerous especially for young children. Don’t wait until you are burnt take care with high factor sun block. (They are cheaper to buy here and there is a great choice). Even when it is overcast the sun’s rays will still burn your skin and Lanzarote is a windy island and this often makes the sun burn your skin faster. Be safe, sun block and take it slowly.

Solicitor Companies

Contact - Lanzarote Lawyers

Mario Izquierdo Lawlor
Specialist areas: Litigation, Personal Damages, Criminal Law.

Eileen Izquierdo Lawlor
Specialist areas: Real Estate Law, Litigation,
Criminal and Family Law, Personal Damage
Eileen Lawler is our representative for the Irish Consul here on Lanzarote.

Practice Experienced in:-
Civil contracts
Family LawInheritance Law
Criminal Law
Civil contracts
Family Law
Inheritance Law
Criminal Law

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Open Monday to Friday from 08.30 – 14.00. Cash points are programmable to English.


Euro. €. Bureau de change offices located in all three main towns as well as the Capitol, Arrecife.
You will require your passport to make a currency exchange. Some shops also offer exchange but please be careful to check rates and commission payable.


Electrical goods are less expensive here but please check very carefully when making a purchase as these goods are the most likely to be counterfeit. We recommend Charlies Perfumeria in Puerto del Carmen or Visanta further along the main strip. They have both been in business on the island for many years and are approved retailers. You will be asked to produce your Passport every time you make a purchase with a Credit Card.
Perfumes, cosmetics and leather goods are much cheaper than on the mainland and also than those sold at the airport. Cigarettes and tobacco and alcohol are very cheap in the wholesale shops or supermarkets but please note Duty Free Allowances.


If you are thinking of emigrating to Lanzarote and have school age children there are many choices for their education on the island. If they are young or speak Spanish fluently then they would be able to attend one of the many excellent Spanish schools indeed it would probably be to their advantage.
If, however you would prefer them to go to an English teaching school there are some good private ones on the island. The pupils will be multi racial but the curriculum will be based on the English teaching system. The costs are not prohibitive especially if you have been sending your child to and English fee paying school they are low in comparison. The holidays are long, three months during the summer but no half terms. The days are short from around 9.30am to 3.30pm.
TIP. Shop around and ask for personal opinions from parents already sending their children.


First & foremost it is important to know that shipping your pet aboard is an expensive business. The dog or cat will require a host of inoculations and certification for entering into a foreign country and Lanzarote is no exception. Please also consider the pet’s temperament as it is a stressful experience and one which some animals will not tolerate lightly.
There are many good company’s who specialize in pet shipping around the world so check the web to find the one which suits both you and your pet best.
Once here there are some wonderful veterinary surgeons who will take the greatest of care of your pet and at a lower cost than you may have been used to in IRL.
In recent years the welfare of the islands Cats & Dogs has been given greater consideration, however, there are still many distressing sights of dogs tied up in the midday sun or worse, wandering the countryside without a home. The island animal charity does a fantastic job in caring for these less fortunate animals so please support our registered charity
Animal Freight

Pet Passport

First of all, your pet MUST have a pet passport. This documentation can be gained from your vet, and will provide proof that your fluffy friend is fully innoculated, and that it has a clean bill of health. This includes, rabies… nd tick and tapeworm treatment.


According to Spanish law, all animals entering spain must be microchipped before entering the country. If you are flying your companion over, then this is all you need to worry about (as well as the pet passport obviously), but if you are driving down… then you MUST check the rules for every country you pass through during your journey too.

Certificado de Origen y Sanidad

This is a certificate that lists the owners’ details, description of the pet, microchip information, plus when and where your pet was chipped. You can get a copy of this form from the Spanish consulate.


Held once a year and probably the most looked forward to event in the Lanzarote calendar! The parade travels along the Puerto Del Carmen seafront and winds its way down to the old harbour, a journey which can take several hours to pass! Once in the harbour the event turns into an all night party with music and drinking into the early hours. Lively, colorful and exciting.
Usually held in February but dates vary.


Available generally speaking wherever postcards are sold. ie; supermarkets, bazaars etc.

Telephone Codes

To dial out to the UK or Ireland prefix the telephone number with 0034 or for Eire 00353


Ireland 0034 928 815 262 UK0034 928 262 508

Credit Card Companies

Amex: 0034 902 375 637 Visa/Mastercard: 0034 902 192 100 Eurocard: 0034 915 196 000

Tourist Offices

Costa Teguise 928 592 542 Playa Blanca 928 517 794 Tias 928 513 351 Pto Del Carmen 928 515 337

Car Rental Companies

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